ANNT® Smart Touch LED Desk Lamp (Colour Temperature Control Eye-caring Night Light USB Charging) - Black


Product Specification:

Working hours> 50,000 hours
Input VoltageDC12V, 2A
Lumens0.2W/LED SMD3014 96PCS

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Product Description

LED lamp is to the LED (Light Emitting Diode) light-emitting diode as a light source lamp, LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, which can be converted directly into electricity to light. LED lighting, also known as solid-state lighting, as following the incandescent, fluorescent, the third generation of lighting technology, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable.

Description itself

Light Material: ABS + aluminum + tempered glass
Lumens:0.2W/LED SMD3014 96PCS
Input voltage: DC12V, 2A
USB output voltage: DC5V, 1A
Power: 10W
Lamp beads Life:> 50,000 hours
Color temperature (K):
cold : 5500K-6500K
natural : 4300K-5300K
warm : 2700K-3300K

Eye Care

*Natural light LED technology, refused to eyestrain
*No strobe
*No radiation
*No glare
*No ghosting
*Comprehensive care of your eyes

*Easy Touch Mode
*Three kinds of illumination modes

Easy Angle Adjustment

multi-angle rotating design, lighting, no dead
*Three metal shaft, five rotational angle adjustable lighting range truly no dead

LED Natural Light

*USB output charge Lamp base side with DC 5V, USB output port 1000mAh can give iPhone and various brand mobile phone and mobile device charging

The Package:

1 x LED desk lamp

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