ANNT 22" 120w Led Light Bar Flood Spot Head Lamp Combo Beam Work Light Pickup Bumper Car Driving Lights Fog Lamp SUV ATV Offroad Lighting Waterproof


Product Specification:

Input VoltageDC 10~30V
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Color Temperature6000k-6500k
Working temperature-40°-85°
Beam AngleFlood 60° Spot 30° combo
Working hoursmore than 30000 hours

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Product Description

LED is a new type of energy-saving lighting, and LED work light widely used in Off-road vehicles, ATV, trucks, boats, buses, construction vehicles (excavators, logging machines, rollers, bulldozers, cranes, mining vehicles), vehicles (fire engines, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, command vehicle) forklift , trains, tanks and other vehicles to strengthen lighting.

Description itself

*Name: 120W LED light bar
*Input Voltage: DC 10~30V
*Color Temperature: 6000-6500k
*Lamp beads: 40
*Beam Angle: Flood 60° Spot 30° combo
*Ingress Protection: IP67
*Weight: 123.45oz
*Approvals: CE/ROHS/WEEE/IP

a security Guarantee

*Spot beam, make light exposure brighter
*Flood beam, make light exposure more uniform
*Flood spot combine design: add a security Guarantee

Rotating structure

On the back of aluminum shell, sealing the production technology of high strength, Waterproof performance enables optimal performance.

A certain degree of rotation can be adjusted up and down

Irreplaceable bright

*Broader range, open bright horizons.
*Replace outdoor lighting.
*let the night as bright as day with.

Installed in a variety of different models in different locations

The Package:

1 x LED work Light
1 x Bracket and fixing screw accessories set

Installation Notes

1. Check the original car circuit has no problem.
2, first with the original car battery testing products have no problem with positive and negative pick up, try.
3. Select the appropriate mounting position, the product fixed.
4, connect the original car fog lights power can also be used directly connected to the battery switch line dedicated to the exclusive control of spotlights.




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